Kathleen McCarthy Udoff

     I’m a multi-media artist and educator. My main area of interest is in photography, watercolor, and collage. My work is inspired by the exploration of nature and light.
     I view art and creating as a gift in its purest form. Painting and photography have provided me an inner peace and allowed me to quiet myself and communicate in a new way in a digital age. My art is driven with a powerful force of curiosity filled
with a synergy of freedom.

5 Replies to “About”

  1. The talent you show in every aspect of your work is simply amazing! The pure passion you have comes out in so many ways! A true artist shows a story through their masterpieces! A beautiful gift that you share is immeasurable!

  2. Kathleen- your artistic genius amazes me !

    Your photographs are painterly and watercolors , so deserving of stories to tell, beyond your strokes of pop color .

    Thank you for obliging us in your creative endeavors; we are all the better for it.


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